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Chinese Idiom: 

During the Northern Song Dynasty there lived a scholar named Wen YuKe, who was very fond of bamboo.  He had bamboo planted all around his yard. Every day, rain or shine, he would walk in the bamboo forest, carefully observing the way the bamboo grew, noting the way the branches and leaves stretched from the trunk as well as the details of how the bamboo grew during each of the four changing seasons.  He became an expert on bamboo.  Closing his eyes, he could imagine what the bamboo looked like.  At home he would draw the bamboo.  Wen YuKe’s drawings of bamboo became famous far and wide.  People came from great distances to ask him to draw bamboo.

Cao BuZhi was Wen YuKe’s closest friend. Often he and Wen would drink tea and discuss their appreciation for bamboo.  Chao Buzhi once said that his greatest pleasure was to watch his friend Wen YuKe draw bamboo, saying of his friend that, “Before he even starts drawing bamboo, it is already imprinted in his mind. It is as if the bamboo has been traced in his heart.”

Ever since then, the Chinese use the phrase “胸有成竹” to describe describe someone who is confident and has a well thought-out plan.