Forms to register for SACCI’s Chinese language and culture classes are included below.  You will also find here our Classroom Rules for students and parents and links to some interesting information about Chinese culture.

Please e-mail completed Registration Form and Student Class Rules to

Please mail your check, made payable to SACCI, to Angela Fang, 11927 Mesquite Mesa, San Antonio, TX  78249

Registration forms:

2018-2019 Registration Form – Annual

Adult Class Fall Semester Registration Form

Fall Semester Registration Form

Spring Semester Registration Form

Adult Class Spring Semester Registration Form


Classroom rule contracts:

Classroom Rules – Students

Classroom Rules – Parents



Painting of Chinese classroom in ancient China

Si Shu (私塾), Classroom in Ancient China

Click here to view Chinese language video of a well-known Chinese children’s story (車胤囊螢照讀) about Che Yin, a poor peasant boy who collected fireflies in order to read at night and ultimately became a beloved government official.  Moral of the story:  Even when circumstances are difficult, one should persevere to learn.