Calendar for SACCI’s current academic year is linked below.  

2018-19 Academic Calendar

SACCI’s academic year mirrors that of most public schools.

  • Our fall semester starts in September on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day and ends before Christmas.
  • Our spring semester starts on the 1st Sunday after New Years and ends on the 1st Sunday in May.


The Lunar Calendar:  Why do Chinese calendars display two dates?


image of Chinese calendar displaying western and lunar dates


The ancient Chinese used a lunar calendar, based on the cycles of the moon, to keep track of their days. On the lunar calendar, each month has either 29 or 30 days.  Today, while the western calendar is used for official and business purposes, Chinese calendars will also display lunar dates.  The lunar calendar is used to determine traditional festival days (such as Chinese New Year), and auspicious days for important activities (such as getting married, opening a business, moving, etc.).


The Chinese Zodiac:  What animal are you?

Image of the Chinese Zodiac cycle


Each Chinese calendar year has an animal associated with it, in a cycle of 12. Chinese legend has it that the Jade Emperor wanted to help his people keep track of time. So, he invited all the animals to participate in a race, promising to name a year after each of the first 12 animals who won the race.  Here’s a link to a video of the Chinese Zodiac Story, with some lovely Chinese painting illustrations.